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Preliminary Discussion

During a preliminary discussion, a clarification of the situation takes place, and the institution must assess how an implementation aligns with the culture of the establishment. The potential alternatives are to be discussed and decided upon.


Introduction and Operation

We assist in preparation, planning, implementation, and aiding in the introduction of software. For this purpose, we have a partner network with various solutions, whether standalone or integrated within a Management System. We can also provide the complete service, ensuring its continuity regardless of your personnel and infrastructure. Additionally, we offer independent legal consultation on specialized subject matters through a partnered law firm, or utilize their services as an ombudsman.



The system must not be used in isolation; the rules of deployment, the processes, etc., need to be integrated with the ISMS (Information Security Management System).

Furthermore, depending on requirements, the continued use of the channel for mobile work incident reports and supply chain complaint processes will be implemented and integrated. A creative solution could also involve using the channel for operational suggestions.


Awareness Training and Optimization

Additionally, the topic needs to be conveyed to the recipients through an awareness training tailored to the size of your company and the audience. It must also be regularly assessed for effectiveness and potential areas of improvement.

4 Steps to Implementation

The Proven Process at a Glance

I am pleased to work with Mr. Salvador and the team again on the next project. Thank you and all the best!

Andreas Freitag, BMW AG

My TISAX® audit went smoothly and was successful right away. We were able to demonstrate our information security according to TISAX® and can now attract new automotive clients.

Gaps in our preparation and examination were promptly addressed, and high-quality documents were provided by Opexa. I can only recommend the team led by Klaus Höllerer, Klaus Kilvinger, and Thomas Salvador.

Dr. Samir Kadunic, MAASU GmbH

During the examination of customer requirements in the TISAX® domain, there was an urgent need for consultation within the company. Thanks to the assistance of Opexa Advisory GmbH, we were able to meet our customer requirements and furthermore achieve our goals with significant cost savings.

Opexa Advisory is the ideal partner due to their extensive automotive experience, project expertise, and their competent, efficient, and straightforward support.

Herbert Schmidt, Dennemeyer & Co. GmbH

What our clients have to say

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should reporting be possible anonymously

Internal or external service?

Both solutions have their advantages and disadvantages, and the tasks are the same as they are legally regulated. According to experts, however, the external option holds clear advantages: Case handlers have practical experience, expertise, and are well-versed, eliminating risks of office gossip and conflicts of interest. There are also lower risks of disclosing personal data, no investments needed in infrastructure or software, no internal fixed costs, and no personnel expenses related to training, representative arrangements, and a quicker ramp-up process.

Anonymous reporting has a significant advantage from the perspective of the person providing the report: their name will not be disclosed, neither to the accused individual nor generally within the company or to the person handling the report.

As a result, the reporter avoids uncomfortable encounters with individuals they believe to have engaged in misconduct.

Furthermore, no colleague will perceive the reporting as denunciation, and the reporter will certainly not face any reprisals; no one will harm them professionally or personally.

All of these are substantial factors that motivate the reporter to expose shortcomings.

What level of effort can be expected?

The level of effort greatly depends on whether the organization wishes to implement everything internally or outsource the service. The question of platform multilingualism also comes into play. If external implementation is desired, platform customization and adjustment for the organization must be carried out, which can be accomplished within a few days. Communication measures are necessary, and organizational alignment is required. The turnaround time on our end averages just a few days.

What does the service cost me?

Depending on the chosen solution, different costs will apply. For a completely external service, there are only one-time costs for onboarding (adaptation to the organization, setup) and ongoing operational fees (monthly charge). After that, costs only incur with notifications, scaling according to the quantity of notifications and directly related to the effort required for processing.

In any case, your setup incurs fairly manageable expenses, and the service can be operated efficiently with limited costs.

Those who wanted to expose grievances were at a legal disadvantage until now. But the dedicated informants can breathe a sigh of relief; the new law provides security! Institutions must now implement a whistleblower system to fulfill their legal obligations. This can help promote a culture of addressing mistakes within the company, ensure GDPR compliance, and also support the fight against corruption and other illegal activities. To simplify the process for those reporting, a customized solution tailored to the institution's needs must be found. The implementation needs to be managed, integrating everything into internal processes. Several aspects need to be considered! The law allows for flexibility, and the service can be offered internally or externally. We provide further assistance, whether it's in preparation, decision-making, implementation, or offering an all-in-one solution for you!

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