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In an "ideal world", information security is not a privilege but a prerequisite. In the "real world", however, it is unfortunately exactly like that: IT security and information security essentially depend on a company's budget and available technical knowledge and expertise. Where does this leave small and medium-sized companies with mostly limited resources?

Our goal is to reduce the dependence on information security performance in organizations based on budgets and resources, in order to make information security widely accessible to companies of all sizes.

Doing so, we are following our mission of "Democratizing Information Security".

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Klaus Kilvinger

Founder & Head of Advisory Board 

Thomas Salvador

Head of Marketing & Digitization 

Bakir Alkhateeb

Senior Partner

Giorgio Petriglieri

Senior Partner

Björn Bertel

Senior Partner

Angelica Froidl

Senior Consultant

Klaus Höllerer

Senior Consultant

Andrei Bauer

Senior Consultant

Bernhard Schrötter

Senior Consultant

Rolf Senger

Senior Consultant

Martin Weiss

Managing Consultant

Klaus Steinkirchner

Associate Consultant

Jasper Machens

Executive Assistant

Jaqueline Wanner

Project Assistant

Fiona Linker

Management Team

Opexa Advisory GmbH

Franz-Joseph-Strasse 11
80801 Munich, Germany
T: +49 89 9018 0448

Munich, Germany

Opexa Advisory GmbH

8048 Zurich, Switzerland
T: +49 89 9018 0448

Zurich, Switzerland

Opexa Advisory GmbH

Gumpendorfer Str.
1060 Vienna, Austria
T: +49 89 9018 0448

Vienna, Austria

Opexa Advisory GmbH

Winterhude way
22085 Hamburg, Germany
T: +49 89 9018 0448

Hamburg, Germany

Opexa Advisory GmbH

Eschersheimer Landstr.
60322 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
T: +49 89 9018 0448

Frankfurt, Germany

Opexa Advisory GmbH

Under the linden trees
10117 Berlin, Germany
E: berlin @
T: +49 89 9018 0448

Berlin, Germany

Our locations

We aim to democratize information security 

Focus on our clients

Clients first, they virtually  "sit always with us on the table"

We love change

We promote innovation and personal development

We have no secrets

We communicate and work honestly and transparently

We use standards

Their power will save time and money for our clients

We are flexible

Needs of all clients are different, we adapt to it fast and efficiently 

We don't compromise

Our standards are high, we work hard to exceed them everywhere

Our Values

Our Partners

Featured Publications

"Great companies don't hire skilled people and motivate them, they already hire motivated people and inspire them."

Simon Sinek, Management Consultant, and Author

Quereinsteiger aus dem Datenschutz (gn)

IATF 16949 Experte mit Ziel des Umstiegs auf Informationssicherheit (gn)

ISO 9001 Experte mit Entwicklungsziel zum Berater für integrierte Managementsysteme gem. ISO/IEC 27001 (gn)

Berater Informationssicherheit (gn)

Senior Berater Informationssicherheit (gn)

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