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Bespoke Information Security Consulting for a Bulletproof Corporate Infrastructure

We provide a holistic consulting service tailored to your information security needs, infrastructure, and business model based on our awarded expertise and over thirty years of industry experience.

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Increasing cyber risks

New threats are reported almost daily, the "human factor" is difficult to control, and the trend towards mobile offices during the pandemic has created new threat scenarios.

It is necessary to act effectively and efficiently to reduce risks and protect the organization.

We help you take the right measures.

limited budget

Information security is important and non-negotiable! But planning, implementing, and maintaining it takes time and money.

Therefore, it is important to make the right decisions and use limited resources properly to create a minimum level of security.

We take your framework conditions into account.

Limited expertise

Competencies and personnel for information security are needed in all organizations to ensure a minimum level of security and to act economically, precisely, and quickly.

The demand meets a limited supply, flexibility and new service models are required.

Our diverse options create alternatives for your organization.

Information security has always played an important role, and not just since incidents have been reported in the press. Taking the right measures here is an important task that must be well-coordinated with all stakeholders.

Therefore, information security should be an important topic for top management, with the need for large, medium-sized, and small companies equally high and the threat level drastically increasing in criticality.

We have made it our mission to provide every company with appropriate security.

Staying secure in the digital world is a challenging task

CISO à la carte®  - A truly tailor-made solution

Our security expert assumes the role of CISO (or Information Security Officer) and reliably takes on planning, implementation, coordination, and control tasks for all your information security measures. We provide targeted professional support at the strategic, tactical, and operational levels, both remotely and on-site.

We offer our support as a customizable "as a service" role based on your company's needs. Based on the digital footprint and presence of your company, we are able to offer a tailored "à la carte" menu that appropriately incorporates your IT infrastructure and budget requirements, and whose staffing by our professionals represents a real optimization for you.

Our convenient CISO à la carte® service, which is groundbreaking in the market, will be a tangible and decisive help for you!

Struggling to stay relevant in the market?

Your company wants to optimize and be certified according to ISO/IEC 27001 or TISAX®?

We have the knowledge and experience to bring your company to this level so that you can play perfectly in the group of the best - the Champions League.

Single or multi-site group certification ?

Take advantage from group certification of all locations with significantly reduced certification costs compared to the respective individual certification of several individual locations. We'll show you the way!

Does your organization want to meet the ever-increasing certification requirements or even stay one step ahead?

You need to address the needs of your customers, comply with legal requirements and market trends, or as a company demonstrate your performance in the field of information security or sustainability to show social responsibility?

We can help you with that!


As a company, you cannot afford to lose orders or be hindered in your growth due to a lack of certification

Your answers will be evaluated and you will receive a free initial assessment of the state of your corporate security and operational excellence in the field of information security.

This initial assessment is based on your self-disclosure and the data you choose to provide. All information is subject to confidentiality and personal data is also subject to the rules of the GDPR.

Get your free InfoSec Diagnostic today!

Featured Publications

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Cybersecurity in small and mediumsized Enterprises (SME) - make or buy

When it comes to information security risks and mitigations, large and small/medium businesses have different options.  

Information Security - the Infinite Game

Whatever status in Information Security you have reached, there is always a next step to do, because the environment and technology is constantly changing.

27001 Consulting

According to IBM, the average cost of a data breach is estimated at $3.79 million, and that's just the tip of the iceberg, as not all cases are reported. Many of these breaches could have been avoided if an adequate information security management system had been implemented. Current threats from phishing or cyber security attacks also highlight additional vulnerabilities.

ISO 27001 is the globally recognized standard for the effective management of information resources that enables companies to increase security, avoid costly penalties for non-compliance with data protection requirements, and prevent financial losses due to data breaches, industrial espionage, or cyber security.

"Doing nothing" is not an option, as this leads to personal and painful liability risks for management due to a breach of due diligence! A tailored package of measures in the area of information security that is based on the requirements of the standard is essential.

We take into account your individual situation and economic conditions, optimize ISO 27001 certification costs based on our experience, accelerate the process with ISO 27001 checklists so that you can achieve an adequate level of protection based on the ISO 27001 standard, and provide reliable support throughout the certification process if desired.

Certifications are more than an entry ticket to new markets. 

Consulting on TISAX®

In the automotive industry, suppliers must demonstrate a high level of information security to the manufacturers (OEMs) and may have had to undergo a security test for each individual customer. However, since the TISAX® standard was agreed upon within the "ENX Association" - a group of European automotive manufacturers, suppliers, and associations - one proof is sufficient for all OEMs.

TISAX® is an internationally and industry-wide recognized standard for information security in the automotive industry.

We provide comprehensive support in assessing TISAX® requirements, optimizing TISAX® certification costs, providing TISAX® consulting, training, or coaching, and reliably guiding you through the TISAX® audit, so that you can achieve your goal: the TISAX® label.

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