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Rate your TISAX® status

Check your needs, the requirements of your stakeholders and the needs of your customers for the right level according to TISAX® in terms of label and maturity levels.


Arrange a consultation with us

We meet simply and easily online for 30 minutes to get to know each other, discuss your current status of information security with regard to TISAX®. We will then show you the way to the TISAX® label clearly and transparently, taking your deadlines, resources, budget and needs into account as best as possible.


Know and choose the appropriate option

You can choose either a standardized or customized training offer on TISAX® and/or a fully customer-oriented consultation on TISAX®. We use our knowledge and experience and implement the service agreed with you.


Enjoy your improved information security

If you have reached the desired level of information security according to TISAX® with our service, you can use the documented and practical knowledge and experiences in your organization use from the implementation. Because now you can decide more carefully about your next steps towards even better information security and risk management.

Advantage: On the basis of your now higher level of maturity thanks to the fulfillment of TISAX®, you gain new automotive customers with high requirements for information security!

How does our TISAX consulting  Work

Our process at a glance

Our software customers of the "ISMS SmartKit" receive excellent support from Mr. Kilvinger and his team in the introduction of their ISMS and the targeted preparation for the certification audit. As a result, we have already been able to successfully bring some customers to certification in a spirit of partnership.

Luca Graf and Johannes Mattes, BYGHT GmbH

The services provided by Mr. Salvador and Mr. Kilvinger for our customers in the field of TISAX were always distinguished with high customer satisfaction, which often led to follow-up orders. The internal communication with this partner was always open, fast and constructive.

Marco Rasper, DGQ GmbH

My TISAX audit went largely smoothly and was immediately successful, we can now prove information security and win new automotive customers. Gaps in the preparation or examination were delivered promptly and in high quality or appropriately modified by templates and documents from the Smartkit as well as from an extensive pool of suitable templates. I can only recommend the team around Klaus Höllerer, Klaus Kilvinger and Thomas Salvador.

Dr. Samir Kadunic, MAASU GmbH

What our clients have to say

​Frequently asked questions about TISAX®

What is TISAX and why  should we  implement it?

TISAX® is an international exchange standard for automotive companies. The OEM is increasingly forcing suppliers to implement it to protect intellectual property and increase information security. It is important to survive in the challenging market in the future. 

Does TISAX®  have other advantages for us?

Your overall information security structure will improve and you will be much better protected, for example, against phishing, mobile office risks, and multiple cybercrime risks. Additionally, top management is also protected, as they bear liability risks if they do not demonstrably strive to improve and maintain information security. Meeting standards such as TISAX® also has an impact on the cost of cyber insurance.

How long will our TISAX® project last?

Depending on the size, budget, resources, number of locations, countries,  operational quality, structure and already implemented measures or  standards in der Information security it can take from 4 months to 24 months. 

What are our main tasks?

You need to have all necessary information about the company, its structure, regulations, and IT organization available and allocate dedicated resources, such as personnel, technical means, budget, and organizational support. And finally, if necessary, you have to implement the changes needed for a label, with our support if needed. Above all, it is important to make the fundamental decision: "Yes, we are implementing TISAX®!"

Our Partners 

Automobile manufacturers often require a valid TISAX® label as a prerequisite for partnering with suppliers, and many organizations are searching for the right path to achieve the TISAX® label. Our TISAX® consultants accompany and support you through consulting or training in every phase of your project, whether it is for self-assessment (Level 1), concrete protection in prototype security, or successfully achieving the necessary TISAX® label (Level 2 or 3). We are here to help and are committed to Automotive Excellence®

Your way to TISAX®
Made easy

Training on TISAX® - Worldwide

It is very helpful if you understand the requirements and conditions of TISAX® before planning the implementation. Especially if you plan to carry out the introduction  with your current team. In any case, you should give your employees the opportunity to find out about TISAX®.

As the first company to have developed a basic training for TISAX® for the German market, we offer you suitable training measures with our know-how and our experience we help you to help yourself and your team. 

TISAX® is an important automotive standard of the ENX Association, we stand for Automotive Excellence®.

Legal notice

Opexa provides services related to TISAX® requirements in the field of information security management. Opexa does not perform any inspection services as defined by the ENX Association-approved inspection service providers. Our consulting services are intended to help our clients prepare to meet TISAX® requirements.

The mention of the TISAX® brand does not imply any statement from the brand owner regarding the suitability of the services advertised here. Opexa does not have any legal or economic relationships with the ENX Association. Information about the rights holder ENX can be found at

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