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"Great companies don't hire skilled people and motivate them, they already hire motivated people and inspire them."

Simon Sinek, Management Consultant, and Author

Quereinsteiger aus dem Datenschutz (gn)

IATF 16949 Experte mit Ziel des Umstiegs auf Informationssicherheit (gn)

ISO 9001 Experte mit Entwicklungsziel zum Berater für integrierte Managementsysteme gem. ISO/IEC 27001 (gn)

Berater Informationssicherheit (gn)

Senior Berater Informationssicherheit (gn)

We operate in a highly dynamic environment, where the need for information security is increasing! Digitization, cybercrime, and hybrid work bring ongoing challenges and new topics almost daily, and information security requires constant maintenance and attention. It is already a highly attractive field today and will remain an exciting topic with very positive growth prospects for both employees and companies.

Our scope is extensive, covering, for example, knowledge of IT technology, organization, data protection, and legal topics, integrating industry-specific aspects (such as automotive and finance) and efficiently and constructively utilizing standards and norms. Information security activities have a good image in the market.

We also offer a particularly meaningful activity, as we at Opexa Advisory contribute to making information security noticeably better for every employee and organization (including companies with limited resources), making access to secure systems possible and thus "democratizing" security.

Our motivation is to make the world safer for everyone, following our mission: "Democratizing Information Security."


​Our offer: Secure jobs in a professional human team with a high degree of personal freedom, but also high standards of self-organization, commitment and customer orientation.

Work at Opexa Advisory  in an exciting and  broad field of activity and develop further with us!

Work-life balance with free choice of working hours and location

Promotion of personal development

Modern working environment

Low travel activities thanks to remote work 

customer focus

The customer is the focus, he sits "at the table" with every one of our decisions.

Never stop

We encourage innovation and personal development in all areas.

culture of conversation

No secrets: ‎We always communicate and work open  and transparent‎.

We use Standards

The power of internationally recognized norms and standards saves our customers time and money.

Value-oriented & focused

We focus on creating value in everything we do.

Best Practice & Excellence

We are excellent and work according to international best practice standards.

Our Values

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